06 December 2014

Final days for Montlake Romance special sale price of A Wolf in Wolf's Clothing

A Wolf in Wolf's Clothing is included in a new Kindle promotion in the US, 200 Kindle ebooks for $1.99 each. That promotion began on November 19 and will run through December 14. You can see the promotion here: http://www.amazon.com/b?ie=UTF8&node=10300225011

Montlake Romance offers two of Dawn's books for sale

Montlake Romance/Amazon Publishing is offer two of Dawn's books The Privateer and Prisoner of Flames in a new Kindle promotion in the US, the December Big Deal.
The ebooks will be priced at 1.99. This promotion will begin on December 5 and will run through December 21. Once live, you will be able to see the promotion here: http://www.amazon.com/Kindle-eBooks/b…


Montlake Romance deal for The Invasion of Falgannon Isle

Montlake Romance has a new Kindle promotion in the US, the December Big Deal. The ebooks will be priced at 1.99.  And my title The Invasion of Falgannon Isle is also included, at 1.99. This promotion will begin on December 5 and will run through December 21.  you will be able to see the promotion here: http://www.amazon.com/Kindle-eBooks/b?ie=UTF8&node=6180870011

12 November 2014

Special sale price of Dawn's The Falcon's Bride

I’m very happy to let you know that The Falcon's Bride will be included in a new Kindle promotion in the US called the November Big Deal. It started Nov 7 and runs through Nov 23. The title will be priced at 0.99 for that time.

You can see the promotion here:   http://www.amazon.com/Kindle-eBooks/b?ie=UTF8&node=6180870011

This was Dawn's third release for Dorchester Publishing. They were shortsighted with anticipation of sale of a new author, and so it sold out right after release. It took too long to get more printed and on the shelf, so a lot of people couldn't find it. Now Montlake Romance/Amazon Publishing has the rights, I am happy to see this book out there...especially at this delight price!!

26 September 2014

Remember me Thursday - Sept 25th

Check out Remember Me Thursday PSA to raise awareness and be a #LightForPets.

Remember Me Thursday is TOMORROW: Sep. 25

Remember Me Thursday is a project of Helen Woodward Animal Center >>> www.jgalaxy.us/Wn0i5S

20 September 2014

Kentucky Highland Festival

Bright and early, Candy and I donned plaid and sallied forth to the Kentucky Highland Festival at Eminence, Ky on this bright sunny Saturday.  It was a perfect day.  Started out cool, but quickly warmed up.

Miss Midget looks adorable in her new plaid skirt.

notice the Wallace covered pumpkins

Candy in front of Charlie's Place

Drunk & Sailor was the first act up for the day.  We have seen them perform about two dozen times over the last two years, but they really rocked the hall today.  During the Renfaire they are not allowed to use the acoustical amplification. It sees them trying to sing over the constant chatter.  This time they were wired and in turn, they wired the whole audience.   Capt'n Amos (Bob Watters) and Philip McGuinness (Dieter Zimmerman) were SUPER!!

This great show was followed by the official opening ceremony

My favourite shot of the day was Erika Spidle Napier giving her best "MOM FACE" to the Minions of Mischief (the teen cast members of Briarwood).  PRICELESS!!!

The crowd was large, lines for lunch were very long!

pipers finished with their competition

We had a great time.  So wonderful to see Capt'n Amos, Dieter, Erika Spidle Napier, yet there is a touch of sadness to the place.  The high summer fun of the Renfaire is gone, replaced by the more subdued autumnal air.  Other friends such as Tara and Mark Reed, Dragon Bob (Robert Barker) and Daniel Higgins and his lovely wife Kim were not present, on to other Renfaires.  They were missed.  The magic is dormant for now...but never fear they will return next May along with the Briarwood Faeries.

16 September 2014

Louisville's Pagan Pride Day

Me at Louisville's Pagan Pride Day
on the Waterfront Park.

Dragon Bob (Once Upon a Dragon Time) invited Candy and me to Pagan Pride Day.  Candy and I headed down there armed with Google directions.  They were very good, until they said to turn right onto third street.  I thought sure we needed to turn left (which we did).  We finally found this big crowd near the Belle of Louisville, so we asked the guy on the parking gate.  He said he didn't know what the crowd was, but they were all Japanese.  Another lady said she thought we needed to go way down River Road.  With her assistance we headed (finally in the right direction).

We spotted Captain Amos (Bob Watters) and his parnter Dieter Zimmerman - Drunk N Sailor.  You cannot miss Captain Amos' red feathered Pirate hat!!!  I told her we should follow them as they were likely heading to the festival, too!  I rolled down the window and yellow at them, only to have Captain Amos yelling back, "Where the Hell is this Pagan Thing?"  Well, blind leading the blind I guess.

We finally made it!!  Found Dragon Bob (in the middle) with Captain Amos and Dieter not far behind.
Sort of like old Renny Home Week...lol.  Captain Amos and Dieter were passing out flyers for Talk Like a Pirate Day.  Dragon Bob was performing at the festival

Candy looked lovely sitting by the river

 Jug Band Park at the Waterfront

 She took a nifty picture of me.

 Dragon Bob (Robert Barker) was glad to see Candy made it.

Dragon Bob preparing for a show

Candy sitting at the docks of Jug Band Park on the Ohio River

Me sitting before the docks at Jug Band Park.  You can see Big Four Bridge in the background, which is now a walkway between Kentucky and Indiana.
 Dragon Bob's Dragons guarding his stage

 The River is so lovely here, hard to see how big the Ohio River is from this little branch

Competition in the Dragon Taming Department!!!

Perfect way to enjoy the River Front

Candy with Dragon Bob's Cat Puppet

Dragon Bob and Candy with young dragon tamer

 In the midst of the performances Dragon Bob teaches a young lass the proper Cello technique

'Pictus Rocking out the Festival


All in all, it was a glorious day, great fun, grand to see friends again.  Thank you Dragon Bob for inviting us!